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Do You Know How to Navigate a Patients’ Long-Term Care Benefits in Texas?

Take the first steps in aiding your patients’ long-term care needs with our guide for Texas nurse case managers, discharge planners, and social workers.

Patient needs, care management teams, and the law can often be blurred and present an age-old ethical challenge for all involved. Attorneys and care teams share common interests and objectives, such as improving patients’ quality of life, combatting social injustice, and promoting social well-being.

Creating a two-way referral system between medical professionals and attorneys is as vital to patients’ well-being as it is to the integrity of the two professions.

In our FREE long-term care benefits guide for nurse case managers, discharge planners, social workers, and other medical professionals, we will discuss:

  • Typical questions an elder law attorney can answer
  • Guide you through long-term care planning
  • Address ways to pay for long-term care
  • Medicaid coverage
  • Medicare coverage
  • Long-term care insurance
  • How an elder law attorney can aid you with understanding long-term care benefits

Take the first step in understanding long-term care benefits for your patients and how an experienced Texas elder law attorney, like the Law Office of Edwin E. Lee, can assist you with your patients’ long-term care benefits.

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