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The Costs of the Rising Cost of Long-Term Care

As the U.S. population ages and life expectancies increase, the need for long-term care is becoming an important consideration for many individuals and families.

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HUD Housing Programs That Support Aging in Place

As adults age, they may want to remain in their homes and communities for several reasons. For one, remaining in one's own residence preserves independence.

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Understanding Medicaid: What Does Medicaid Cover?

Though Medicaid exists to help those who need it, navigating the specifics of what it covers and does not cover can be daunting. Here are highlights on the basics of Medicaid coverage.

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Does Divorce Affect Social Security Spousal Benefits?

As a spouse, you have the option of claiming a Social Security retirement benefit based on your own earnings record or collecting a spousal benefit equal to half of your spouse's Social Security benefit.

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Why Trusts are Important Estate Planning Tools

Trusts can offer many benefits, including allowing assets to pass directly to beneficiaries and charitable organizations without going through probate, minimizing taxes, and protecting your legacy from creditors.

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Gift of Home Equity: What It Is and How it Works

More and more elders are choosing to pass on their wealth to heirs while they're still alive. The growing popularity of "giving while living" comes as good fortune for the many young people who are currently unable to afford a home.

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Blended Families and Wills in Estate Planning

Estate planning for blended families is key to a smooth inheritance process, especially since probate rules and intestate succession law do not treat step and biological children the same when it comes to inheriting.

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