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Older Adults Are Failing at Retirement Planning, Study Shows

Research by the American College of Financial Services sheds light on the need for improvements in retirement financial literacy. The overall retirement income literacy score was just 31 percent -- a failing grade. 

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Elder Financial Abuse: How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help

Sadly, there are seemingly limitless financial fraud schemes that affect older Americans. The impact of financial abuse is enormous. One 2023 report found that seniors lose more than $28 billion a year through all types of abusive financial acts.

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What Is the Difference Between a Will and a Trust?

Everyone has heard the terms "will" and "trust," but not everyone knows the differences between the two. Both are useful estate planning tools that serve different purposes and can work together to achieve your goals.

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Claiming the Guardianship of an Elderly Parent

If your parent did not prepare for incapacity and name a person to act as their power of attorney, you won’t be able to create a legal document after they are mentally impaired. You will need to claim guardianship.

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Promoting Healthy Aging During Financial Literacy Month

As April marks Financial Literacy Month, it is an excellent time to start improving your financial literacy. Gaining financial savvy can help you handle the challenges and complexities of aging.

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Could Medicaid Payback Rules Come to an End?

As of late 2023, the median monthly cost of a semi-private in a nursing home in the U.S. was close to $9,000. The vast majority of people cannot afford to pay these prices out of pocket over the long term.

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Estate Planning in the Age of Stepfamilies

A North Dakota court decision involving a trust highlights the importance of taking current and potential step-relationships into account when planning your estate.

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What Is Respite Care? Can It Help With Caregiver Burnout?

It is easy to burn out when you are responsible for providing full-time care to an aging or disabled loved one.

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