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Understanding Federal Benefits in Texas

Although Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal benefits the application processes vary across states. SSDI benefits funding comes from the Social Security Administration (SSA), while SSI benefits funding comes from general US tax revenue.…

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Nursing Home Questions to Protect Loved Ones

Your loved one's well-being is dependent upon your advocacy in a nursing home. Residents in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are disproportionately affected by the flu, pneumonia, COVID 19, and other contagious diseases. According to the American Family…

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A Guide to Living Wills

When you die, your assets and property are not distributed according to your living will. Instead, it is a mechanism to communicate to your family and doctors how you want medical care conducted when you aren't able. Your living will is…

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Options For Long-Term Care in 2022

In the new year, taking stock of your life and your health care is more important than ever. We identify what matters most in preserving our health and financial future in the face of the ever-present threat of COVID-19. For…

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The Cost of Long-Term Care

A recent study conducted by Genworth cites that around 70 percent of retired Americans will need some type of long-term care (LTC) by 2020, with costs ranging from $53,768 to $105,850 per year, according to the US Department of Health…

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