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Medical Estate Planning Documents

Estate planning typically involves wills, trusts, and passing assets on from generation to generation. However, there is another part of estate planning that doesn’t get as much attention. It concerns advance health care planning. Have you thought about what type…

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A Guide to End-of-Life Care Documents

Many people believe they are prepared for end-of-life care if they have created and signed a living will. Unfortunately, medical professionals misinterpret end-of-life care documents more often than you think. The issue is that medical professionals often have little training…

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Get Professional Help When Writing Your Will

In a will, you specify who will inherit your assets and property after your death, and a properly executed will is legally binding. Your will names a personal representative (executor) who will carry out your directives. In addition to asset distribution,…

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How to Plan Your Estate as a Senior

Estate planning is essential to most older adults. Still, nearly half of Americans age 55 and older have no will, and fewer still have powers of attorney, a living will, or health care directives. You can use these documents to…

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Elder Abuse and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Elder abuse can manifest itself in many different ways and may present itself in older adults' lives concurrently. Sadly, elder abuse events are significantly underreported. The National Council on Aging reports that estimates range as high as five million older…

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