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What to Do Before Filing for Divorce

Filing for divorce is a significant life decision involving complex emotional and legal processes. Before uttering the word “divorce” to a spouse, consider several steps before filing. Also, take some time for self-reflection regarding your decision to ensure it’s the…

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Avoiding Probate Litigation

Guardianship and conservatorship disputes, will and trust contests, and fights over family real estate can be included in probate litigation. The most successful approach to mitigating or avoiding probate litigation risk is carefully planning for the future. Comprehensive estate plans…

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Gun Trusts: The Basics

Legally, firearm trusts allow individuals to own firearms in a unique way that allows them to share access to firearms with others. This approach is beneficial for those who own restricted firearms or firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act…

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Signs a Spouse May Be Planning a Divorce

Some behavioral signs and actions may indicate your spouse is laying the groundwork for divorce. It’s important to remember that each person and every relationship is unique, and there could be other reasons for changes in behavior. However, if you…

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Contested Child Custody

Child custody cases can be financially and emotionally draining for all parties involved, especially the children. In some cases, when parents can’t agree to a joint custody arrangement, the court may order a forensic custody evaluation to help determine what’s…

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A Basic Guide to Estate Taxes

An estate tax is imposed in the US on the transfer of assets from a deceased person's estate to heirs or beneficiaries. An estate tax is not the same as an inheritance tax. It’s a tax on the total value…

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