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A Guide to End-of-Life Care Documents

Many people believe they are prepared for end-of-life care if they have created and signed a living will. Unfortunately, medical professionals misinterpret end-of-life care documents more often than you think. The issue is that medical professionals often have little training…

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What is a Power of Attorney

During the estate planning process, it is very important to implement Power of Attorney documents. All states recognize powers of attorney, but rules and requirements will differ from state to state. The document gives one or more individuals the legal…

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How to Plan Your Estate as a Senior

Estate planning is essential to most older adults. Still, nearly half of Americans age 55 and older have no will, and fewer still have powers of attorney, a living will, or health care directives. You can use these documents to…

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Appointing Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is an essential tool when planning, when you may become incapacitated and require a trusted agent to manage your affairs. These legal documents can grant broad authority to one or more power of attorney agents to transact…

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The Old and Rich Estate Planning Myth

Young adults, including 30-year-olds well into their professional careers, all too often think they are too young to concern themselves with estate planning. People in their twenties and thirties typically believe they don't own enough to constitute an estate. However,…

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