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Avoiding Probate Litigation

Guardianship and conservatorship disputes, will and trust contests, and fights over family real estate can be included in probate litigation. The most successful approach to mitigating or avoiding probate litigation risk is carefully planning for the future. Comprehensive estate plans…

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Surviving Spouse Estate Planning

When you lose a spouse or long-time partner, you have a hard time focusing on anything else but the loss you are grieving. However, it is crucial to understand there are important and timely decisions you need to make regarding…

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Estate Planning: The Basics

The process of estate planning involves the creation of several documents that spell out one's wishes. During the process, you can name people to make financial decisions on your behalf when you are unable. You can designate beneficiaries for your…

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What To Do and Not Do When Going Through a Divorce

Going through the process of divorce is an emotionally difficult time in a person’s life, particularly if there are children involved. Despite the personal upheaval, there is much to organize to protect your financial interests and future life. Fidelity Investments, an…

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Estate Planning Compared to Elder Law

It might seem confusing to think about estate planning vs. elder law as you begin to plan your future, both financially and in terms of health care. Estate planning and elder law also have some similarities. Even though these two types…

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A Guide to Different Types of Trusts

Almost everyone has heard of trusts, typically in reference to someone or something who is the beneficiary of one. Some may believe that only wealthy people have trusts, but they are common and useful tools when creating estate plans of all…

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